Addyi: the first drug for sexual desire

For a long time and sometimes even with time, men find themselves with the problem of having low libido. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is a condition that is characterized with low sexual desire. It is cause by a range of factors including medical conditions, psychiatric conditions, relationship problems and medication and drugs and substance abuse. This is a problem that can occur in a person right for when they are young such that they have absolutely no desire to have sex with any partners . Sometimes a person may acquire the condition such that they find themselves unable or not wanting to have sex even when they previously had no problems having sex. HDDS can also be generalized if it occurs in an individual regardless of the sexual activity or the sexual partner they have.

addyl-viagra-femeleA man having no sexual desire is considered a danger sigh for any marriage or relationship. It causes the woman to feel less beautiful and feel as if the man does not like her or as if he is cheating. It is a bad thing for a man because It makes them feel like less of a man being un able to sexually fulfil the desires of their partners and not being able to get it up. It may make a man feel very bad and his will not only kill their self- esteem but I will also create a scenario for the man where they do not want to be with a woman even at the friendship level.

Addyl is a drug approved by the FDA to treat sexual desire problems in men although the drug can also be useful for women. This is a great relief especially o the 40year old virgins who abstained from sex because they were unable to have it as a result of the HSDD condition. It is a serotonin 1A receptor and serotonin 2A antagonist which are responsible for it being able to create sexual desire. The pill is recommended to be taken once every night to prevent adverse effects that may occur when I is mix with alcohol and other medications of foods. Because of its adverse effect when used with some medicine combinations, and alcohol some of which may be dangerous, it is recommended that the drug be bought through prescription by a qualified medical practitioner. A patient should also discontinue using it if they do not see any improvements after eight weeks of consistent use.