Are Men developing new eating habits?

As men struggle to attain that perfect body as bodybuilders, they are slowly being consumed into the habit of consuming too much or rather more often. New studies show that men are developing new eating habits that they have termed as an eating disorder among men.

You may know them as supplements. Men are getting addicted to the lifestyle of bodybuilding or working out in the gym. They use these supplements to improve their general performances. Nevertheless, other men are obsessed with packing up huge muscles and six pack abs. the problem is not using them, but the way they are using them, researchers have claimed. They are using them to the point that one might think working out is an eating disorder.

six-pack-absA study that was recently conducted has shown that more than 40% of these men are using supplements such as creatine, whey protein, and glutamine. This has seen the number of these supplements go up over time. Nevertheless, the study indicates that one in five men admitted to incorporating other dietary supplements in their diet plans in place of their regular meals. These meals are not intended to be meal replacements as the study as made clear.

The study further states the odds of using these supplements as foods or meals. It indicates that eight percent of these men admit to consulting with their doctors who advised against too much use. In other words, they were told by their doctors to cut back on the supplements. The study reveals that three percent of these men have been hospitalized over health complications such as kidney, and liver problems.

Men are constantly getting obsessed with huge or big muscles and six packs. They are turning to supplements and other fitness programs that employ bad usage of these supplements. The study further indicates that almost thirty percent of these men have showed concern over their own usage of these supplements and other related drugs.

The research has indicated that for whatever the reason these men are using these drugs for, most men are not using them adequately. They are consuming them in a manner that can affect their health negatively. Nevertheless, generally they are obsessed with bigger muscles and six pack abs as portrayed in various standard beauty magazines. Further, the researchers have stressed the negligence of men to their general bodies as opposed to women who have a different meaning to eating disorders.