Study shows improved testosterone level in obese men after a weight loss

According to some new findings,a new weight loss procedure elevates the levels of testosterone in obese men with low testosterone levels. The operation makes the testosterone levels to be normal in those men who found to be obese. The overweight patients diagnosed with low levels of testosterone registered increased testosterone level in just over a year after the operation.

Effects of low testosterone levels

Testosterone moleculaThe scientists explained that obese men normally have low levels of testosterone in their system. Nevertheless, these low levels of testosterone have big impacts on men’s sexual performances even their motivation and energy. The scientists further explained that with these low levels, men are bound to experience high occurrences of cardiac events. 

Nevertheless, low levels of testosterone has been associate with a condition called sarcopenia, which is the general loss of muscles and eventually catalyzes the process of ageing. There are also other effects of low testosterone in men. 

About the procedure

The procedure, sleeve gastrectomy is a surgical procedure that is meant to treat overweight or obese patients. The patients who undergo the procedure registered tremendous weigh loss. It involves removal of some percentage of the stomach leaving a tiny narrow sleeve. After the procedure, most patients feel full just by eating smaller amounts of food. 

The study 

The main objective of this study was to establish the general effects of sleeve gastrectomy and prostate specific antigen popularly known as PSA. The team of scientist and researchers experimented on 24 male obese patients who were undergoing the procedure in various hospitals and medical institutions. The tests were done before and after the procedure. The tests done involved establishment of PSA and levels of testosterone. After-tests were recorded after 3, 6, and 12 months after the surgery. 

The study majorly focused on sleeve gastrectomysince no major studieshave been done related to it since it replaced gastric bypass almost 10 years ago. The procedure possess low risks and it takes a shorter time as compared to gastric bypass.

Results of the study

After the researchers had completed the tests and taking all the measurements, they analyzed the results. They realized a tremendous increase in the levels of serum testosterone in the study group. Most of the patients recorded over 30% increase in the testosterone levels. Most of the patients recorded an average of 295 ng/dL testosterone level. This increased to about 423 ng/dL. The normal range of testosterone level is about 300 to 1000 ng/dL. Low testosterones are recorded once they drop below 300 ng/dL. 

The researchers have suggested that men that are more obese should seek this surgery as it is low risk and it benefits their health eventually. This is also as result of other statistics that have indicated more women seek the surgery than men do.